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Our partners are always perfectly positioned to implement near-zero downtime migrations

We’ve mastered the methodology and have a wide array of resources. You can reduce cost and drive revenues, while acquiring new business and creating greater deal-flow by offering risk free, near-zero downtime migrations. You can do this across multiple operating systems, on any hardware or storage platform and in any physical, virtual or cloud-based environment.

System Integrator, partner, or associate, we’re familiar with your business challenges. We also understand that your customers’ IT strategies evolve continually. To keep you ahead of the curve, more efficient in your offerings, and to save you time, which we all know is money, we offer solutions to the most common issues and obstacles that customers face in any environment.


Challenges prospective partners face frequently:

“I needed to increase my professional services business, but lacked the experience and methodology necessary. Vision Solutions’ consulting, training and certification programs helped me implement best-in-class services.”
Managing Director
System Integrator
“Due to many of my clients having complex infrastructures, mapping out migrations become my biggest business challenge. Vision Solutions' partner training helped me to develop a proven methodology to map migrations and provide rapid solutions to my client's complex issues.”
Director of Professional Services
IT Consulting Firm
“Increasingly, my clients need proof that I can run a successful migration before executing an implementation. I was happy to learn that Vision Solutions provides a proven, sophisticated Proof of Concept designed to help me close more business.”
Vice President
Value-Added Reseller
Profit as a Partner
When you partner with Vision Solutions you’ll build a long-term relationship that accelerates your pipeline.
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A Global Migration Use Case
David Wegman

A large data center migration use case involving a global financial company trying to reduce the number of datacenters from multiple countries into the United States, all with near-zero downtime. Watch our video.

Training and Certification

Our certified instructors offer flexible training courses and varying levels of product certification to ensure our partners’ competence in configuring, deploying, and maintaining successful data migrations.


Consulting Services

Let our world-class data migration expertise work for you. Structured around our partners’ needs, we offer a wide range of support designed to help partners implement and develop successful projects. Leveraging many years of experience and industry best practices, each consulting service is also customized to meet our partners’ specific needs and scheduling. Vision's Consulting Services can save you significant time and money while ensuring dependable results.


Migration Assurance Program

Whether you’re starting a new database or server migration services practice, or upgrading your practice to Vision’s industry-leading migration tools, Vision Solutions’ Migration Assurance Program (MAP) can help you to rapidly scale your migration service practice. MAP will accelerate your time-to-revenue and improve billable productivity, while helping to ensure high-quality project outcomes.

MAP also allows you to tailor the assistance you receive to fit your needs and budget. Choose from options that either fully outsource migration projects or augment some of your migration technical work. Vision Solutions’ migration experts boast an average of 15 years of experience doing large, complex migrations.

MAP is optimized to help you:

  • Train, certify, and provide on-the-job experience for your consultants
  • Reduce overall project risks by taking advantage of the skills, knowledge, and experience of Vision Solutions Global Services
  • Gain confidence that your discovery and planning phases include all relevant servers and applications, and are grouped in waves to insure migration success
  • Gain confidence in the solution before committing to it by viewing the end-to-end process via a small pilot project

Best-in-Class Partner Benefits

Vision Solutions delivers around the clock, around the globe support for our data migration services. Our CustomerCare program offers you the most advanced and accessible tools – along with access to a team of veteran industry professionals with unmatched technical expertise. Couple that technical support with strong partner marketing programs, and you receive exceptional benefits from working with Vision.

  • 24/7/365 access to Vision’s Support Central for online product and support resources
  • Expert sales and technical support
  • Excellent training and certification resources
  • Access to dedicated marketing resources
  • Creative lead generation programs
  • 24/7/365 access to the Vision Solutions Partner Resource Center
  • Unlimited sales and marketing tools
  • Online deal registration
“We had been looking at a 24-hour outage, but with Vision Solutions we ended up with actual downtime of about five minutes – so the migration went exceptionally well. Far from being a major drama, clients and operational staff didn’t notice any outage or loss of performance!”
David Fraser,
General Manager Technology,
ISO Limited
“IT managers today are faced with ever-changing infrastructure requirements, and we help them keep their workloads available and customers happy regardless of the technologies they choose. As more and more of our partners and customers are considering moving some aspects of their IT infrastructure and data to the cloud, this new suite offers users the ability to easily migrate from physical and virtual servers to and from the cloud.”
David Wegman,
Senior Vice President, System Integrators,
Vision Solutions