Database Replication and Transformation Use Cases

Easy, automated data sharing between databases in real time

MIMIX Share Use Case - Reporting

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Companies of every size are leveraging business intelligence and analytics to extract actionable information from their ever-growing databases. However, it can be a struggle to report on constantly changing data that is spread across unsynchronized, departmental databases filled with redundant information. The challenge only increases if those databases have different schema or data types, use different database management systems, or run on different operating systems.

MIMIX Share can replicate data from a production database to a reporting database on a physical, virtual or cloud server in real time – regardless of whether the databases have the same schema, use the same database management system, or run on the same operating system. During replication MIMIX Share also allows the data to be enhanced, transformed and filtered to make it suitable for the reporting database’s needs.


Feeding consolidated databases, data warehouses or data marts

Businesses need a consolidated, accurate, timely view of their data to power their business. However, that data can be spread across multiple databases or multiple geographies. Feeding data from distributed databases into a single consolidated database, data warehouse or data mart enables centralized analysis. MIMIX Share can replicate and transform data in real time from multiple source databases into a single target database, while automatically handling collisions and resolving conflicts.

MIMIX Share Use Case - Consolidation

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Feeding real-time data to mission critical applications

MIMIX Share Demo Video

View our demo on easy data sharing in heterogeneous database environments.

Businesses must share segmented data from their production databases with supply chain partners, customers or satellite offices. MIMIX Share can feed data to mission critical applications, such as eCommerce applications, or web portals in real time and transformed to meet the needs of the target database. MIMIX Share can also replicate to flat files for sharing with external partners.


Maintaining synchronization between siloed databases

Distributed branch offices or departments within the same organization frequently have their own databases, often referred to as database silos. To prevent out of sync, redundant data from interfering with business decision making, data must be shared between those database silos to keep them in sync. MIMIX Share can capture, transform and replicate data between databases, allowing users to see each other’s data in real time.

MIMIX Share Product Demo

View our demo to see how easily you can replicate data from multiple sources to a single consolidated database or data warehouse in real time.


Database migration and replatforming

MIMIX Share Use Case - Migration

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All elements of an organization’s IT infrastructure must evolve to take advantage of the efficiency and cost savings in new technology. In the case of databases that may mean moving to a new version of a database, replatforming an existing database onto a new operating system, moving the content of a database to an entirely new database management system, or a mix of the above. MIMIX Share replicates data in real time between database versions, between database schema, between database types, between operating systems, and between any combination of physical, virtual and cloud environments. It allows transformation of the data to match it to the needs of the target system. And operations are not disrupted because MIMIX Share keeps the systems in sync using real-time, background replication throughout the testing period.


Offloading production data for backup, testing and maintenance

Organizations must ensure that their production databases are always available and responsive to applications. One way to protect database responsiveness is to offload production data to a secondary server where backups, audits and testing can be performed without impact to the production system.

MIMIX Share Product Demo

Watch this demo of MIMIX Share, a solution for easy, real-time replication of data between databases.