With extensive experience in the federal market, Vision Solutions and Double-Take have all of the certifications and compliant government partners that customers and affiliate organizations require before starting any project. For more information on our certifications, please review the list of certifications at the side of this page.

Federal Government Use Case - Double-Take Availability
Improving Infrastructure without Affecting Architecture
One large government organization’s overseas field operations ran 1,000 dispersed Windows-based physical servers. Regardless of the condition of an individual servers, all of them faced some risk with difficulty to monitor, manage and protect. Using Double-Take Availability from Vision Solutions, the organization consolidated their servicers on a centralized virtual infrastructure that could be better protected and managed with virtually no downtime.
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Migrate, Protect and Recover using Double-Take for the Federal Government
Vision Solutions has been trusted by federal agencies and organizations for global services for over 25 years and is the only company to deliver migrations, high availability, disaster recovery, and data sharing for the most critical of government needs.
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Migration Cost Assessment Tool
Are FREE Migration tools really free?
Server migration projects can be costly, requiring considerable system downtime and a heavy load of labor hours. And when the source and target platforms are different, such as when migrating to a virtual environment, migration becomes more complex and can require even more work and more downtime.

Many operating system and database vendors offer “free” migration tools, but these tools are free only in the sense that they don’t carry additional licensing fees. Using them can still require considerable manual effort and significant server downtime. Thus, though free to own, they can be expensive to use.
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Downtime Calculator
How Much Does Downtime Cost?
How many transactions can you afford to lose without significant impact? What is the total cost of lost productivity and lost revenue during unplanned downtime?

Calculate the total cost of downtime per hour for your organization using as much financial data as possible for each area. Use averages where available for lost opportunity costs.
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