Database Replication and Transformation


Real-time data integration that increases business agility

To compete and meet today’s business requirements, you need to move fast.

Data is at the core of that speed, supporting pursuit of a new market, an M&A event or even compliance reporting. Smooth database integration is now a business essential. The goal—the right information reaches the right people at the right time.

Anything-to-Anything: Vision’s Cross-Platform Data Integration

Vision Solutions simplifies the path to real-time data replication and cross-platform data sharing for fast decision-making and greater efficiency.

Does your company rely on multiple databases?


of all companies use multiple databases

Statistics from Vision Solutions' 10th Annual State of Resilience Report


Share everything. Between different hardware, operating systems, and database platforms. Across databases, operating systems, and physical, virtual, or cloud platforms.

Keep databases in sync. Smooth process of capturing, transforming and replicating databases.

Access anytime. Information when, where and how needed for queries, reports, business intelligence and data warehousing.

Create a modern data center. Easy transformation of legacy systems and consolidation of databases.

Avoid complex programming. Goodbye to the complications associated with traditional ETL data migration tools.

“MIMIX Share helps keep our students and their families informed in real-time and enables our teachers and administrators to perform faster, better data analysis. Real-time access to select information provides us with analytic capabilities comparable to those at Fortune 500 companies.”
Phyllis Chasser, Ph.D.,
Senior Data Warehouse Analyst
Broward County Public Schools
“MIMIX Share gives us many advantages as a company, allowing us to make decisions quickly with shared, real-time data when we need to.”
Xavier Majem,
IT Manager
Grupo Uriach

Smooth flow and real-time data replication from “Anything-to-Anything”

Capture, transform, enhance, and replicate data across databases, operating systems, and physical, virtual, or cloud platforms. With automated, real-time data replication solutions, you can improve business efficiency and decision making. Keep databases in sync, and have access to information when, where, and how it is needed for queries, reports, business intelligence, data warehousing, and more.

Our real-time data replication solutions modernize legacy systems and consolidate databases. We offer cross-platform data sharing solutions designed to enable businesses to achieve greater productivity, higher profitability, and immediate ROI with no programming — and without the downsides, complexities, and complications commonly associated with traditional ETL data migration tools. There’s no need for you or your clients to be exposed to the many downsides of making costly business decisions based on poor, disaggregated, or untimely information.