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One Streamlined Solution for Cloud Migration Services and DRaaS

Companies are making significant investments in cloud migration software, anticipating increased performance, service responsiveness, and efficiency. Yet, “cloud” discussions continue to agitate the data center and the executive suite. The old question, “Should we use cloud migration software?” has shifted to “How do I leverage it?”.

For SMB and global enterprises, we help you leverage the cloud with our Service Providers and Cloud Broker partners to deliver simple cloud data migration services – with no data loss and the real time data replication that is Vision Solutions’ hallmark.

Our Anything-to-Anywhere cloud based solutions allow Service Providers and Cloud Brokers to add a single streamlined solution for cloud server backup and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) to their portfolios. Regardless of the number or type of platforms your clients use, you can help them achieve stringent service level agreements (SLA) and RPO/RTO goals with low-risk, near-zero downtime DRaaS as well as risk-free data migration services to and from the cloud.

Are you cutting costs with the Cloud?


of companies surveyed use the cloud.

Statistics from Vision Solutions' 10th Annual State of Resilience Report


Deliver More Cloud Protection, DRaaS and Data Migration Services While Cutting Costs

With a unified solution platform for service providers, cloud management is streamlined and expenses are reduced – even as you expand your portfolio and continue to attract a wide-range of clients. You’ll be able to deliver more DRaaS and database in the cloud services, while increasing your margins and reducing your internal costs. With our High Availability data migration services, onboarding is fast and easy. Your clients will have the flexibility needed to migrate a specific data set or entire servers, including the file system, permissions and attributes – all without impacting production or daily operations.

Our cloud server backup solutions make flexible recovery the norm, not the exception. Your customers can protect their servers in any configuration and benefit from in the cloud disaster recovery including ground-to-cloud, cloud-to-ground and cloud-to-cloud HA recovery.

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“From limited budgets to skilled IT talent shortages, companies are beginning to outsource key functions to trusted cloud and managed service providers to scale their operations.”
Alan Arnold,
Executive Vice-President and Chief Technology Office
Vision Solutions
“The demand for cloud computing services is growing, but getting on to the cloud platform of choice can be a difficult and time-consuming activity for the customer. Working with cloud computing companies, we’re helping service providers cut the time it takes to migrate customers to the cloud, as well as enabling long-term business continuity.”
Robert Johnson,
Executive Vice-President, Sales
Vision Solutions