Cloud Migration Made Easy

Automate migrations when moving to and within the cloud with near-zero downtime

Double-Take Cloud Migration Center (CMC) automates and simplifies the migration of Windows and Linux servers into Microsoft Azure (Classic and ARM), Amazon Web Services (AWS), OpenStack, and VMware vCloud Director with just a few clicks. Powered by Double-Take Move, Double-Take CMC removes the risk and downtime from onboarding servers into the cloud.

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Simplifies and Streamlines Migrations to the Cloud

  • Enables easy, convenient cloud migration management through a web-based, multi-tenant console
  • Makes cloud migration simple regardless of the number or location of the servers
  • Manages the full migration process – discovery, installation, configuration, provisioning, migration, and cutover
  • Simplifies and streamlines the cloud migration process from 100 manual steps to 5 easy steps
  • Enables automated discovery of source servers when preparing the migration
  • Automatically provisions target VMs (CPU, memory and disk) while allowing them to be customized

Minimizes Cloud Migration Risk and Downtime

  • Replicates servers in the background to the cloud, and then keeps the production server and replica server in sync in real time without impacting production server performance
  • Maintains data security during replication through AES 256-bit encryption
  • Minimizes the impact on your LAN/WAN infrastructure through the use of Double-Take real-time asynchronous byte-level replication with three levels of intelligent compression and bandwidth throttling capabilities
  • Enables testing and validation of the migrated data in the cloud without business disruption
  • Provides flexible, powerful automation to eliminate the risk of human error during the cutover
  • Limits downtime to the seconds or minutes required for cutover to the cloud

Enables IT Infrastructure Flexibility

  • Enables migration from any Windows or Linux hardware, storage, or OS version to the cloud
  • Migrates server workloads from physical, virtual or cloud servers to Microsoft Azure (Including Azure Resource Manager), Amazon Web Services (AWS), OpenStack and VMWare vCloud Director
  • Protects you from cloud vendor lock in by enabling migration between clouds
  • Allows migration to the cloud across any geographic distance

Ready for additional automation and integration with other applications through the Double-Take SDK

  • Develop your own solutions that integrate with Double-Take CMC using the Double-Take SDK
  • Create additional automation or orchestration for your cloud migration projects
  • Use Double-Take CMC APIs to report statistics into your dashboards or monitoring consoles

Click here to access the Double-Take Cloud Migration Center