Double-Take Availability: Windows HA, DR, and Failover Protection

Proven HA/DR for Windows

Double-Take Availability has been trusted by thousands of companies to protect their productivity, profitability and reputation.

  • Delivers simple, scalable high availability and disaster recovery for Windows
  • Provides one high availability and disaster recovery solution for physical, virtual and cloud servers
  • Meets stringent SLAs and regulations with near-zero downtime (RTO) and sub-second recovery point (RPO)
  • Keeps applications and data available by virtually eliminating downtime due to server outages
  • Supports all major Windows operating system versions
Double-Take Availability White Paper

Double-Take Availability: A Technology Overview

Double-Take Availability offers exceptional application and data protection in virtual, cloud, and physical computing environments. Thanks to a single, unified management console, it is easier to use than ever and requires far fewer resources than other availability options. What’s more, Double-Take Availability is one of the most affordable solutions for complete data protection.
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Built on patented Double-Take replication

Double-Take Availability is built on the real-time, byte-level asynchronous Double-Take replication technology that has been proven and trusted in the marketplace by thousands of customers.

  • Continuously captures changes made to your production server at the byte level and asynchronously replicates those changes in real time to a secondary server
  • Minimizes bandwidth usage with highly efficient byte-level replication that offers three levels of intelligent compression and scheduled bandwidth throttling capabilities
  • Allows replication across any distance to local, remote or cloud recovery servers
  • Ensures the integrity of replicated data with patented write-order consistency
  • Uses open file mirroring technology to replicate active files without taking them offline
  • Encrypts data for secure data transmission


Why Real-Time Replication Is Better Than Periodic Replication

High Availability and Migration solutions are not typically a one-size-fits-all proposition. The underlying architecture of solutions that rely on replication varies in several important ways. This informative Technical Overview delves into these differences so you can make an informed decision on what type of replication method is best for your organization.
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Full-featured protection and recovery

Double-Take Availability’s comprehensive, reliable high availability and disaster recovery capabilities meet all your recovery needs.

  • Protects specific files, entire applications or full servers
  • Enables easy, full-server failover in minutes, not hours
  • Offers automatic failover, automated on-demand failover, and push-button automated failback
  • Provides rapid failover to local, remote or cloud recovery servers
  • Presents multiple recovery point options
  • Creates and auto-provisions the disaster recovery environment on virtual machines
  • Protects cluster workloads to different physical locations without using shared storage

Complete any-to-any flexibility

Double-Take Availability works with the infrastructure you have in place today while allowing you to evolve to the technology of your future.

  • Supports replication between differing hardware, storage types or OS versions
  • Protects and recovers to and from any combination of physical, virtual, and cloud servers
  • Works on all leading virtualization and public or private cloud platforms
  • Runs on existing network infrastructure without requiring dedicated bandwidth or special hardware
  • Supports a range of replication configurations (e.g. one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-one)
  • Accommodates all business applications including Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, Oracle, MySQL and more


Windows Server Multi-Site Clustering with Double-Take

Improvements to Failover Clustering do not yet provide a way to replicate the shared data used by a cluster which is truly the "last mile" in terms of building multi-site cluster architectures. GeoCluster provides a way to efficiently replicate these data changes and allow cluster nodes to quickly restore application services after a failure.
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Easy to use

Double-Take Availability’s unified console provides a central, graphical interface for easy monitoring and management.

  • Enables management of your entire HA/DR environment from a single unified consoles
  • Eliminates the need for an in-depth understanding of applications running on each server
  • Offers manual or remote installation and automated setup and configuration
  • Validates settings with pre-flight check and auto-fix features
  • Simulates replication traffic to estimate the amount of bandwidth needed for efficient replication
  • Allows you to sort, filter and monitor data on the health of your production and recovery servers
  • Forwards replication statistics and critical event notifications to enterprise management tools
  • Provides SMTP email alerts directly to your email inbox

Low total cost of ownership

Double-Take Availability not only offers the highest level of quality, reliability and efficiency, it is designed to minimize the total cost of ownership – at implementation time and over the long haul.

  • Eliminates the need to invest in special infrastructure by using your existing hardware, storage and network
  • Minimizes the need to purchase extra network capacity through bandwidth efficient byte-level replication
  • Reduces IT costs by providing a simple console that even lesser experienced personnel can manage
  • Offers flexible licensing models for perpetual ownership or pay-as-you-go disaster recovery as a service

The One Essential Guide to Disaster Recovery

The One Essential Guide to Disaster Recovery: How to Ensure IT and Business Continuity

This white paper provides a basic understanding of the building blocks of IT and business continuity - from understanding the concepts of disaster recovery and information availability to calculating the business impact of downtime and selecting the right software solution. Readers can quickly match their specific optimum uptime objectives with the easiest and most cost-effective IT strategy.
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Fully customizable

The Double-Take SDK provides developers with the tools necessary to rapidly build solutions that integrate with Double-Take products, including Double-Take Availability.

  • The Double-Take SDK includes RESTful APIs, SOAP APIs and PowerShell commands
  • An online Double-Take SDK portal contains API documentation, sample code, how-to tips, and forums
  • Use the SDK to build additional automation for your HA/DR projects
  • Integrate Double-Take Availability statistics into your monitoring console or dashboards
  • Integrate Double-Take HA/DR services into your own applications