IBM i Migrations with Near-Zero Downtime

Easy IBM i migrations with near-zero downtime

Whether performing a hardware refresh, storage reorganization, data center consolidation, or cloud adoption, migrations play an important role in keeping your data center up to date, efficient, and productive. MIMIX® Move blends Vision Solutions’ powerful replication technology for IBM i with expert professional services to perform those migrations painlessly and with near-zero downtime.

Platform-independent, real-time replication allows you to perform efficient migrations to physical, virtual, or cloud servers – while business operations continue on your production server. Only minutes of downtime are required for the cutover. Relying upon the experience and expertise of migration specialists from Vision Solutions, or one of its business partners, reduces internal resource strain and ensures a reliable, efficient migration.

Solve the Migration Puzzle

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Business challenges

Businesses are under constant pressure to evolve their IT infrastructure – whether to improve application performance through upgraded hardware, address the demand for new and expanded data storage, react to merger and acquisition events, or adopt private or public cloud technology. Traditional migration methods put your business at risk for substantial downtime and incur the cost of IT staff overtime when performed off-hours. MIMIX Move delivers easy, low-risk migration with near-zero downtime.

Key benefits

  • Minimizes migration downtime
  • Mitigates business and IT migration risks
  • Enables server reorganization and modernization to physical, virtual, and cloud platforms with differing hardware, storage, or operating system versions
  • Reduces IT resource burden and overtime costs involved with traditional migration methods
  • Minimizes the chance of error by relying on the expertise of Vision Solutions’ services experts
“The product speaks for itself. It runs. It does what it needs to do. It replicates right. The role-swap is very clean. And tech support is always there to back you up if you get into a situation you’re not sure about.”
Craig Faulkner,
Systems Administrator,
Raven Transport
“There were other alternatives but Vision’s product was the best. We cut our downtime to a fraction of what it would have otherwise been, and eliminated some staff scheduling problems. We would have had to cover a 20-hour migration with two shifts of technicians, which would have been difficult. Being able to run the two systems in parallel also eliminated unwelcome surprises at cutover time.”
Florencio Alcocer,
Senior System Engineer,
Adventist Health

How it works

MIMIX Move employs the optimized, real-time, asynchronous replication found in any of Vision’s HA/DR products for IBM i. An expert service provider from Vision, or one of its business partners, will work with you to plan your migration and will implement the Vision technology that best meets your migration needs.

First, an initial replica of the original server is created, while it remains fully in production. Then, changes to the original server are continuously replicated to the new server in real time until you are ready to cut production over. Operations can continue unabated throughout the migration replication and testing processes, with only minimal downtime during the cutover. As a result, you can take as long as necessary to verify readiness of the new server.

To further mitigate migration risks, should an unforeseen issue arise, MIMIX Move’s replication technology even provides you with the ability to safely abandon the cutover and return to the original server.

Migration experts from Vision Solutions, or one of its business partners, provide experienced guidance in migration planning, perform the implementation and replication, facilitate your testing, and perform the cutover on your schedule. Their goal is to ensure your migration is a success.