iTERA Availability

Disaster Recovery and High Availability for IBM i

Simple HA/DR for small and medium-size businesses running IBM i

iTERA® Availability for IBM i gives your small or medium-size business the protection it needs to keep running 24/7 and eliminates the risk of lost data. Reliable and simple to use, this high availability solution is designed to put nonstop business continuity well within your grasp.

What’s New in iTERA 6.2?

  • Exportable replication statistics for use in analysis, automation or monitoring consoles
  • Customizable role swap process for greater administrative control
  • On-demand license refresh for easier license management
  • Ability to restart IFS synchronization where it left off increases the efficiency of server and network resource usage
  • Option to skip auditing physical files that have not changed since the previous audit reduces audit time and processing requirements
  • Enhanced repair of journaling and database relationship conditions identified by audits reduces administrative requirements and strengthens role swap confidence
  • Added support for IBM i 7.3

Five Reasons Why Smaller Organizations Should Consider High Availability

Small businesses are subject to the same regulatory requirements and demands for availability from customers and partners as even the largest organizations. High availability solutions for IBM i should not be reserved for large enterprises. Read about technology and marketplace factors that make it possible for small and mid-sized companies to justify the value of rapid and complete data recovery.
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Business challenges

Small and medium-sized businesses are subject to the same regulatory demands and service level expectations as the largest of enterprises. To stay competitive, your business must provide uninterrupted service and meet stringent data availability requirements. When it comes to your mission-critical IBM i applications, there is no time for downtime, and you cannot afford to lose any data – ever.

Tape backup, once the backbone of your DR plan, leaves you exposed to losing data generated between backup runs and cannot deliver a recovery time that meets your business objectives. You need a simple, reliable high availability solution that virtually eliminates planned and unplanned downtime. You need iTERA Availability, one of the most trusted IBM i high availability solutions in the industry.

Key benefits

  • Virtually eliminates planned and unplanned downtime
  • Replicates your production environment to a backup server in real time with zero data loss
  • Protects virtually any SMB application environment, including virtual environments
  • Allows you to validate your HA readiness without impacting the production server
  • Requires only minutes a day to manage using the familiar green screen interface
  • Keeps your applications and data available and your business productive
“I get peace of mind, with the insurance policy of knowing that we have two systems that are identical and up to date and that we can fail-over easily.”
Neil Illsley,
Infrastructure Manager,
Tegel Foods Limited
“iTERA allowed us to replicate all ERP transactional data to our DR site and reduce our weekend maintenance window from 8 hours to 1 ½ hours. That’s a big win for our business.”
Adam Phillipps,
Director of Technical Architecture,
Penn Engineering
“If people really value their data and they really value being able to work, there’s a big plus to being able to get back online very quickly after a shutdown.”
Cyndi Denny,
Gaming Systems Administrator,
Barona Resort and Casino

An introduction to High Availability for Power Systems Running IBM i

This paper presents an overview of IBM System i high availability to companies that are beginning to explore this powerful business continuity technology. The critical components of high availability solutions are detailed in this paper, including data replication engines, system monitors, role swap capabilities, and the importance of autonomic processes. Also provided is information on the cost of planned and unplanned downtime, and a brief overview of disaster recovery strategies.
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How it works

iTERA Availability for IBM i virtually eliminates planned and unplanned downtime. Using the most efficient IBM i replication technology available, the remote journaling built into the IBM i OS, iTERA Availability maintains a complete copy of your vital business data and applications that is accurate in real time on a backup server. That fully synchronized backup server stands ready to assume the role of the production server should it become unexpectedly unavailable, or should you need to perform planned server maintenance.

iTERA Availability replicates all essential objects on your production server—programs, data areas, data queues, IFS, user profiles, device configurations, spool files, triggers, constraints, WebSphere MQ, and more—to ensure the backup server is always ready to rapidly take over production operations. Advanced auditing technology automatically discovers and corrects data integrity problems at the record level in real time, eliminating the need to resynchronize entire objects if an out-of-sync condition is detected.

iTERA_How it works

System Requirements

  • Supports any combination of IBM i 6.1, 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3

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