MIMIX Move for AIX

Easy, low-risk migrations for AIX with near-zero downtime

Whether performing a hardware refresh, storage reorganization, data center consolidation or cloud adoption, migrations play an important role in keeping your data center up to date, efficient and productive. MIMIX® Move for AIX blends powerful replication technology with expert professional services to perform those migrations painlessly and with near-zero downtime.

Platform-independent, real-time replication allows you to perform efficient migrations to physical, virtual or cloud servers – while your production server continues to operate. The only downtime required is for the cutover. Relying upon the experience and expertise of migration specialists from Vision Solutions or one of its business partners reduces internal resource strain and ensures a reliable, cost-effective migration, which can be performed during normal business hours without burdening your IT department or your business operations.

New in MIMIX for AIX 5.0!

MIMIX for AIX 5.0 brings monitoring and management of the full suite of products under a single browser-based graphical interface, greatly enhancing ease of use. The addition of no-downtime installation, enhanced support for common AIX admin tasks, and the introduction of synchronization checks make MIMIX for AIX 5.0 a must-have release!

  • Integration of MIMIX Availability for AIX into the browser-based Vision Solutions Portal interface
  • Easy management of full-spectrum application and cluster resource monitoring with automated failover for all resources of an application service
  • Single pane of glass monitoring and management for all MIMIX HA/DR products
  • Expanded email notifications for lights-out monitoring
  • Streamlined installation takes you from zero to full protection without downtime
  • Enhanced support for common AIX administrative and monitoring tasks
  • Introduction of synchronization checks on replicated data

Learn more about all MIMIX for AIX 5.0 products by visiting the MIMIX Availability for AIX, and MIMIX DR for AIX pages!

Solve the Migration Puzzle

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Business challenges

Today’s businesses are under constant pressure to evolve their IT infrastructure – whether to improve application performance through upgraded hardware, address the explosive demand for expanded data storage, react to merger and acquisition events, or adopt private or public cloud technology. Traditional migration methods can result in substantial business downtime, risk of failed migration, and overtime costs for IT staff performing off-hours migration projects. MIMIX Move for AIX delivers easy, low-risk migration with near-zero downtime.

Key benefits

  • Minimizes migration downtime
  • Mitigates business and IT migration risks
  • Enables server reorganization and modernization to physical, virtual, cloud and mixed platforms with differing hardware, storage, or operating system versions
  • Reduces the IT resource burden and overtime costs typically involved with migration
  • Minimizes the chance of error with experienced services and best practices

How it works

First, MIMIX Move for AIX uses optimized, real time, asynchronous replication to create an initial replica of the old server on the new server, without affecting user applications. It then replicates changes applied to the old server to the new one in real time until you are ready to cutover and shut down the old server. Regular operations can continue throughout the replication and testing processes, with only minimal downtime during the cutover. As a result, you can take as long as necessary to verify the readiness of the new server.

Double-Take Move for AIX

MIMIX Move’s virtual role swap feature supports non-disruptive application testing on the new server, reducing risk by allowing you to fully test the application in its new environment.

To further mitigate risk, reverse replication allows you to abandon the cutover and return to your original server, without data loss, should an unanticipated issue occur.

From planning through to final cutover, migration experts from Vision Solutions or one of its partners guide the process and ensure it goes smoothly.

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