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MIMIX® Availability leads the industry in IBM i high availability and disaster recovery. Thousands of companies worldwide – from small businesses to global enterprises – depend on MIMIX Availability to keep their data safe and their operations running smoothly. Proven in the market for more than 20 years, MIMIX Availability virtually eliminates downtime and data loss.

Seven reasons to choose MIMIX Availability
MIMIX Availability

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Business challenges

Today’s business environment demands continuous availability, no matter what. There is no time for downtime and no tolerance for data loss. Industry regulations and service level agreements stipulate increasingly strict performance requirements that carry penalties for non-compliance. Customers and partners demand continuous availability. Your business needs a strong defense to protect it from the threat of disaster, server or storage failure, user error, and even downtime for routine maintenance. MIMIX Availability is designed to help you continue to operate without interruption – no matter what.

Key benefits

  • Protects your business from the high cost of downtime
  • Delivers worry-free protection from data loss
  • Simplifies HA/DR management and monitoring
  • Supports replication between physical, virtual, and cloud environments, empowering infrastructure choice and flexibility
  • Optimizes the health of your IBM i servers
  • Provides a rapid return on your investment
“I’d say very plainly, if you are looking for an overall business resiliency solution, you can’t do better than MIMIX.”
Jon Weigens,
Senior Consultant, Systems Engineering/Ops,
“The biggest benefit of MIMIX is that if there is a problem, we can be up and running again within five minutes.”
George Gallant,
Project Manager,
The All England Lawn Tennis Club
“What impresses me the most is the depth of Vision’s commitment to treating us as a partner, listening to us, and working with us. I would put Vision Solution’s customer service and technical support at the highest echelon of any vendor I’ve worked with.”
John Trotter,
Director of Information Services,
Strategic Fulfillment Group

MIMIX Availability:
The easy way to protect the availability of even the most complex IBM i environments

This Executive Overview offers details on how MIMIX Availability has evolved into an advanced solution that offers faster recovery, stronger data protection, and a smarter way to manage high availability for IBM i. When evaluating any availability solution, there are a handful of critical functions that must be considered. This paper offers an overview of seven of the most essential availability functions and how each is addressed by MIMIX Availability.
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How it works

MIMIX Availability transparently replicates critical data and applications in real time from a production server to a recovery server. Leveraging the IBM i operating system’s remote journaling functionality, along with other change, capture, and replication mechanisms, MIMIX Availability ensures that the recovery server is always a complete, ready-to-run replica.

MIMIX Availability monitors for issues related to replication and switch readiness, reporting any problems in its browser-based status display and through email notification. Any information necessary to diagnose the problem and rapidly switch to the recovery server, which can be located anywhere in the world, is also provided. It is also easy to switch operations to the recovery server to eliminate downtime during production server maintenance.

When the production server is available again, MIMIX Availability resynchronizes the two servers by replicating any changes made on the recovery server back to the original server. Then, when you are ready, it is easy to switch users back to the production server.

Your recovery system is always “switch-ready” and available to assume responsibility for running your critical operations at a moment’s notice.

MIMIX Availability

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