Offer the industry’s most trusted solutions

Vision Solutions’ groundbreaking migration solutions allow System Integrators to offer their clients the industry’s most trusted solutions for anything-to-anywhere, low risk, near-zero downtime migrations. Our migration solutions allow your clients to migrate data or entire servers to and from any combination of physical, virtual, or cloud servers with virtually no downtime.

Migration Assurance Program Service

Our Migration Assurance Program (MAP) allows you to minimize risk, achieve high quality results, increase productivity, and accelerate the pace at which your internal team becomes skilled and experienced with migration solutions. Our services also allow you to tailor the amount of assistance you or your client need to your budget, giving you the choice of an “outsourced” or “augmented-internal” model. Our services:

  • Lower overall project risk
  • Reinforce planning and discovery
  • Test the migration process via pilots
  • Augment internal resources
  • Complete aspects of migration projects that you are not experienced with


Partner Certification Program


Partner benefits

Increase Revenue
Our trusted solutions, strategies, and alliances will enable you to quickly increase your sales pipeline and drive revenue.

The Best in the Business
You’ll be offering your clients the most scalable, affordable, streamlined, and comprehensive solutions on the market.

Focused Training
You’ll receive targeted training and certification on our products for effective joint solution development.

Strong Industry Alliances
Our strategic alliance partners include Microsoft, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Dell and VMware. Partner with us and enjoy all the benefits that come with aligning your brand with the most recognized and trusted names in IT.

Pre-Built Marketing
You’ll get everything you need to educate your organization quickly, build a go-to-market strategy, and deliver fast revenue. You’ll also receive financial incentives and support for marketing campaigns.

24x7x365 Technical, Services and Sales Support
Our highly trained engineers are the best in the business and are committed to helping you learn and deliver powerful solutions to your clients. You’ll have around-the-clock access to expert sales support; including Enterprise Sales Managers, Sales Engineers, Inside Sales Representatives, and Channel Sales Managers, plus access to the Director of Tech Support, a Tech Support engineer, and a Project Manager. You’ll also be assigned a Product Management sub-group who will provide bi-annual roadmaps.

A Global Migration Use Case
David Wegman

In this video David Wegman, VP, System Integrators, recalls a large migration case involving a global financial company trying to reduce the number of datacenters from multiple countries into the United States, all with near-zero downtime. Watch our video.