Double-Take RecoverNow: TimeData Continuous Data Protection

Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

If you backup to disk but have to run nightly backup jobs, you aren’t fully leveraging your disk storage. Disk enables faster and more reliable recoveries, but scheduling application downtime for backup windows is a losing battle. Data growth continues to impact the ability to complete a backup within the backup window. Double-Take RecoverNow removes the need for any backup window at all by continuously replicating changes off the production machine as they occur.

Changes replicated to the repository server are captured to disk in the TimeData continuous data protection (CDP) repository. When it is time to recover, you have the ability to specify any point in time for recovery. The ability to specify a point in time seconds prior to data corruption minimizes the amount of time and money spent to recreate lost data.

Double-Take RecoverNow can recover single files or entire servers to any point in time, and with the optional Ontrack PowerControls plug-in, Microsoft Exchange email, mailboxes, or databases can also be easily recovered using a drag-and-drop interface.

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