Absolute workload protection and data protection, high availability and total mobility for Linux servers

Gain around-the-clock protection with Linux high availability and data replication software

Double-Take® Availability for Linux is the market’s first real-time high availability and disaster recovery solution to offer agent-based protection options for physical, virtual or cloud-based Linux servers. Businesses of all sizes can take advantage of full-scale protection at an affordable, everything’s-in-the-box price. Double-Take for Linux is platform, storage and hardware agnostic and reduces your overall operating costs by optimizing existing infrastructure and scaling with whatever you build in the future.


What's new with Double-Take Availability 7.1 for Linux?

  • Full Server Failover provides 1:1 protection of the entire workload stack with failover between a source and target server pair.
  • Ability to pre-seed target data by using existing VMDKs with Full Server to ESX jobs to avoid sending all data during initial mirror
  • Simplified license management makes it easier to activate and deactivate licenses 
  • Expanded distribution and version support including the following highlights:
    • Unbreakable Kernel support for Oracle Enterprise Linux
    • Support for SLES with Full Server to ESX jobs
    • Support for vSphere Essentials Edition with Full Server to ESX jobs

Complete data protection and high availability for Linux servers

Double-Take for Linux provides complete data protection for Linux servers and enables near instant recovery from any server outage. By continuously capturing changes and asynchronously replicating all changes, in real-time, to any storage across any distance, locally or globally, Double-Take for Linux ensures you won’t lose any data or suffer through downtime. Double-Take for Linux supports common distributions such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Ubuntu and CentOS.

Double-Take Availability: Complete Linux Data Protection, High Availability and Replication